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WP Repair, WordPress website backups that are easy and affordable.

Did you add a buggy plugin, causing your website to go offline? Or did you mess up your theme and you don’t know how to undo the changes? Problems inevitably occur, but there’s no need to worry about these situations any longer!

With you can easily revert back to a previous version of your plugins, themes, media files and configuration file even when your site (and your WordPress backend) has become unavailable. Not only your files are backuped every week or daily (premium version), even your posts & pages and your entire database are exported and can be placed back easily. The backups will be stored on your server and secured from outside viewers.

Most hosts back up the entire server, including your site, but it takes time to request a copy of your site from their backups, and a speedy recovery is critical. With you can resolve the problem yourself without help from a third party and no technical knowledge required.

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China launches new cargo service linking Tibet with Nepal

China has launched a new cargo service linking Tibet and Nepal as dozens of trucks carrying goods worth $2.8 million left the Tibetan border port of Gyirong en route to Kathmandu.

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Cargo tracking system to be launched in June

The government plans to implement an electronic cargo tracking system for Nepal-bound shipments at Indian ports from June in a bid to slash the cost of trading.

The system will keep track of consignments from the time they leave until they arrive at their destination in Nepal. Containers will be tagged with an electronic chip when they leave the port which will allow authorities to keep track of them continuously.

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Born from the obscure “bitcoin” universe as a foolproof method to keep track of transactions, and now gaining popularity in the banking and finance world, block chain is emerging in the logistics arena.This once-little-known technology may be a potential solution to the problem of providing transparency in the supply chain while still keeping shippers’ and forwarders’ proprietary information private.

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